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Liquid Gold Lube – Review

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The time to be coy about lube is over. We’re in the time of dating apps and quick, guilt-free routes to pleasure. Tallulah Love introduces you to her favourite, Liquid Gold Lube.

Lube is like rocket fuel to sexual pleasure, Wired stated in an article recently, so consider that if a decent lube is not in your or your lover’s bedside drawer, you/he/she/they might not have sexual delight centrally focussed. Time to change that.

Multiple choices

PriceCheck offers plenty of options. You’ll find Hello Sailor, Assegai, Astroglide, JoyDivision Aquaglide – just some of the visionary (not) names from marketing departments – and tens of others. But something wholesome is what I was after. No silicone for me and my guy’s aubergine, nor anything else chemical or tested on animals – lube packaging is mostly scant on detail. I was going for au naturel. Liquid Gold Lube is all that. It lists it’s detail liberally on its label – local, plant- and water-based and contains a quintessentially South African ingredient: rooibos.  

Key features of Liquid Gold Lube

  • It’s plant- and water-based, 100 percent natural, edible, and vegan.
  • It’s made of saline water, organic vegetable glycerine, grapefruit extract, xanthan gum, citric acid, and rooibos tea.
  • It has a pH of 4.0-4.5.
  • The rooibos gives it a golden tint.
  • It won’t stain sheets or clothes.
  • It’s cruelty-free and eco-friendly.
  • It comes in a recyclable bottle.
  • It has low osmolality (at 389 m0sm it won’t dry out the skin, apparently).
  • It’s compatible with latex or sex toys.
  • Once opened, it has a shelf life of 6 months to a year.
  • It’s made in Cape Town.
Liquid Gold Lube box


Whichever version you opt for – you can get it in 100ml or 500ml – it will arrive in a simple, sturdy cardboard box. Flip open the package, and there it will be, nestled in some wood shavings – simple, but classy. The bottles it comes in are solid, amber glass bottles, with a black pump dispenser (the only bit of plastic it associates with). The label is gorgeous, a tumble of gold bodies in a writhing, sensuous orgy.

Liquid Gold Lube box and bottle

Using Liquid Gold Lube

Not much instruction needed here. Whether pleasuring a lover or yourself, press the applicator and out comes a honey-coloured, viscous gel that will have you sliding speedily into the pleasure zone. Also, it’s slightly sweet and pleasant to the tongue, so no one’s going to object to sucking on some lube-covered bits (consider ditching them if they do).

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What we loved about Liquid Gold Lube

It really does enhance sensuality. It comes out cold, ramping up the pleasure at first touch, and it warms to body temperature quickly.

Liquid Gold never lets you down. Older women and all men will appreciate that. There’s no awkward tension while you wait to see whether foreplay is doing the trick, no sense of failure on anyone’s part to contend with; all you do is squeeze, apply, slip, slide, explore and enjoy…

Liquid Gold Lube 500ml pump bottle


It doesn’t get sticky, it doesn’t dry your bits out, it really is wholesome. I use it almost daily and have never had a side-effect (except for more orgasms). You can recycle the bottle. Wash it out, use it for other purposes – essential oils, air fresheners, disinfectants, whatever you like.

It’s local. The business is the inspiration of Nu Davidson, and it’s made in Cape Town, South Africa. Judging from the website, Davidson is refreshingly forthright and experimental about all things sexy (without being prudish or flirtatious). The focus is curiosity and permissiveness and sex education. I love the brand’s sexy, real, adult vibe that steers clear of coy. The website is informative and inspires trust, and real people run it.

Where it could improve

The pump dispenser has let us down in one or two moments of passion. That said, I have never known a perfect pump – but if you can find one, Nu Davidson, you will spare me the indignity of desperate finger action of all the wrong kinds.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Liquid Gold Lube scores 5 out of 5.

Model images by Valeria Boltneva on Pexels.com

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