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Pure Beginnings Forest Mint Roll-On – Review

Pure Beginnings Forest deodorant

What makes a good deodorant? Well, it must be truly effective in preventing body odour, not irritate the skin, and be free of harmful ingredients. Pure Beginnings Forest Mint roll-on has these qualities and more. But is it right for you?

Maybe you’ve experienced the following: You try a new deodorant, only to discover it’s less effective than a kiss under each armpit.

Deodorant rant

An Amway deodorant spray, given to me by an ex-girlfriend, was one of those. Another one was from a mainstream brand. I can’t recall the brand, and don’t want to throw innocent deodorants under the bus by guessing. The bottom line is, deodorant must kill stink, otherwise it’s useless.

My skin is fairly robust, so the other qualities of interest are the scent, and that it should be free from what I’ll broadly refer to as “toxins”. You know, bad stuff that can harm the body, like a high level of mercury.

Yes, I was becoming a becoming a candidate for ‘health-shop’ deodorant – especially after learning aluminium is used in antiperspirants (not knowing they are rarely, if ever, present in deodorants).

Reason for choosing Pure Beginnings Forest Mint Deodorant

My sweat glands can be overproductive at times, partly because my thermostat malfunctions, causing overheating. In spite of this, I have shunned antiperspirants. To my mind, they interfere with the human body’s natural functioning, so I’ve thrown my lot in with deos, for better or worse.

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But here’s a bit of a shocker: There’s no scientific proof that aluminium in antiperspirants causes breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, or other ailments. If you’re skeptical, read this article in Good Housekeeping or this one on Healthline.

At the time, I didn’t know this yet, so I ended up in a Dischem aisle, looking for an effective and non-toxic deo, and discovered Pure Beginnings’ range of roll-ons.

Key features of Pure Beginnings Forest Mint Deodorant

  • Contains sodium bicarbonate, which neutralises odour-causing bacteria
  • Free from aluminium chlorohydrate, parabens, and synthetic fragrances
  • Contains steam-distilled spearmint leaf oil, said to contain antioxidants
  • pH balanced, vegan, and watercourse friendly
  • Certified organic and not tested on animals
  • Made in South Africa

Using Pure Beginnings Forest Mint roll-on

It works like every other roll-on. Twist off the cap and roll under the arms. Being a roll-on, it goes on wet. If you hate that, it’s not for you. Use a fan, hairdryer, or blow under your arms to dry. More importantly, it’s an effective deodorant.

What we loved about it

The scent is like nothing I’ve come across before. It’s a lovely, clean, minty fragrance that instantly appeals. It doesn’t smell like deodorant made specifically for a specific sex or gender, so it might appeal to those who don’t slot themselves into a common category.

The label peels off easily, which should make it easier on the recycling facility it ends up at. (Pure Beginnings states that the container is recyclable.)

Where Pure Beginnings could improve

This is an excellent product, so it’s hard to impossible to say where it can be improved.

Pure Beginnings Forest Mint roll-on scores 5 out of 5.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Photos by Samson Okeniyi, cottonbro studio, Animesh Srivastava, and Pure Beginnings

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