Home Electronics & Tech WORX WX240 cordless screwdriver is a tool for many jobs

WORX WX240 cordless screwdriver is a tool for many jobs


The WORX WX240 4V USB Mini cordless electric screwdriver is a must for any do-it-yourselfer, homeowner, workshop, or technical service provider.

However, be careful where you use it. If your spouse spots it, you will have to buy another one, WORX says. 

For what it can do, this tool is fairly compact at 183mm long, with a width of 35x35mm ‘square’. The Positec group, who imports WORX products, says the product’s size makes it easy to work in tight places, using one hand. The tool has a comfortable grip and weighs in at a mere 260g, a media release from the company states.

It further says that the WX240 offers three speeds and an auto LED, among its many features.

The WX240 has built-in battery temperature protection and displays the remaining charge with an indicator that’s easy to read. It charges with a USB cable. The product is sold with 26 bits, a toolbox, and a USB cable.

The WORX WX240 is an affordable, rechargeable electric screwdriver with a bit for almost every need. Since launch, there has been a huge demand for it from all over the world, the manufacturer claims.

The suggested retail price is R1 182 and the tool carries a 3-year warranty.

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