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Nivea Men Sensitive Calm liquid shaving cream – Review


As the grooming industry continues to evolve, men’s skincare products have become an integral part of daily routines. Among the plethora of options available, Nivea has long been a trusted brand known for quality grooming essentials. Today, we delve into the Nivea Men Sensitive Calm liquid shaving cream to assess whether it lives up to its promises.


The Nivea Men Sensitive Calm Liquid Shaving Cream comes in sleek and practical packaging that has a masculine appeal. Nivea claims that the bottle is made from 93 percent recycled plastic. Some sources also label it as micro-plastic free, which is, perhaps, stating the obvious. The pump top ensures easy dispensing without any mess and its compact size makes it easy to travel with.

Texture and fragrance

Upon first squeeze, the shaving cream’s consistency is notably smooth, light, and runny. Its texture feels velvety against the skin, making application a breeze. Unlike overpowering fragrances found in some shaving creams, Nivea’s offering boasts a subtle and refreshing scent that won’t overwhelm sensitive noses. It actually smells so good, I wish the scent was a bit more pronounced.

Sensitive skin formula

The stand-out feature of this shaving cream is its focus on sensitive skin. Many men struggle with razor burn, irritation, and redness after shaving, but Nivea Men Sensitive Calm liquid shaving cream claims to address these concerns. The formula is enriched with soothing ingredients, such as hemp oil, chamomile and vitamin E, known for their skin-calming properties. This unique blend intends to provide a comfortable shaving experience even for those with easily irritated skin.

Shaving performance

On this front, the Nivea Men Sensitive Calm Liquid Shaving Cream disappoints, especially since I’m used to the creamy lather from aerosol gel or Nivea’s aerosol shaving cream. It takes effort to whip it up into a rich lather. Many shaving products claim to soften the user’s beard before shaving, something this one could not achieve. If I use it again, I would spend a bit more time in the shower to ‘tenderise’ the stubble.

Post-shave feel

There’s a specific area in my neck that is prone to a mild, post-shave rash. I’m pleased to report that there was none of this after using the Nivea Men Sensitive Calm liquid shaving cream leaves the skin feeling noticeably nourished and moisturised. It is said that the product’s moisturising effects are particularly advantageous for men who don’t follow up with an aftershave product, making it a versatile solution for various grooming routines.

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Value for money

While some may argue that the Nivea Men Sensitive Calm liquid shaving cream is pricier (R104 from Takealot) compared to alternatives, its effectiveness in catering to sensitive skin needs justifies the price difference. The product’s high-quality ingredients, skin-soothing properties, and overall pleasant shaving experience make it worth the extra expense, but only if you’re happy to shave without the dense foam of the aerosol creams and gels. We have seen reviews from female consumers who use the product and love it. So, if you’re disappointed with the product, pass it on to a member of the fairer sex.

Verdict and rating

In conclusion, the Nivea Men Sensitive Calm liquid shaving cream lives up to its promises as a gentle option for men with sensitive skin. Whether you are a seasoned groomer or someone looking to improve your shaving routine, this product is worth considering.

The Nivea Men Sensitive Calm Liquid Shaving Cream scores 3 out of 5.

3.0 out of 5.0 stars
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