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How much you’ll pay for Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip5 and Fold5


Brace yourselves, folks. Samsung Electronics is throwing another pair of foldables into the market – the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5. Are we surprised? Not really. Manufacturing durable and user-friendly foldables isn’t easy, so they require constant re-engineering.

According to Samsung, these “industry-leading” devices promise unique experiences, sleek designs, and powerful performance, but are they worth the hype? Let’s take a look at what Samsung claims to offer this time.

In a press release, TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics, lauds the company’s commitment to revolutionising the mobile industry with foldables. (Below, the Fold5 is on the left and the Flip5 is on the right.)

Tough enough?

Samsung boasts about the durability of these new foldables, with their “shock dispersion layer” and “Armor Aluminium frames.” But there are enough cases of creased or broken screens in previous models to prove no amount of marketing talk can make these fragile pieces of technology as tough as the basic rectangular form factor, let alone the tough phones from Cat, Blackview and the Doogee S Series.

Moving on to the “innovative” camera capabilities. Sure, the FlexCam feature sounds impressive, allowing users to take hands-free photos from “creative angles.” But let’s face it, how often are we going to be using our phones as makeshift tripods? Dual Preview, where the subject sees themselves in the Flex Window, might be useful for (ahem) narcissists, but it hardly seems like a game-changer.

The Galaxy Z Fold5 (above) claims to be the ultimate productivity powerhouse, but is it really? Yes, the large screen might be great for watching movies, but how many people want to lug around a tablet-sized device as their daily driver? And the S Pen still has no slot, so it’s easily lost or forgotten at home, unless you buy an additional Samsung case with a cradle for it.

Samsung makes a big deal about the improved Taskbar, enabling users to switch between apps more efficiently. But how often are we actually using four apps simultaneously on a smartphone? The multitasking features might seem impressive during a flashy presentation, but most users will rarely use them in real-life scenarios.

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Samsung’s environmental consciousness is nothing more than greenwashing. The company boasts about using recycled materials, but let’s not forget the sheer amount of e-waste generated by constant phone upgrades and short product lifespans. Five years of security updates and four generations of OS upgrades might sound generous, but isn’t it just another tactic to make us buy the latest model every few years?

Don’t be fooled by the flashy presentations and carefully crafted press releases. These foldables might offer some nifty features, but they’re far from the revolutionary devices the smartphone companies want us to believe they are. They also present a problem to app makers. With their unique screen aspect ratios, apps and games don’t always display the way they should.

Want one?

Pre-orders for the Galaxy Z Flip5 (above) and Galaxy Z Fold5 are open, and general availability starts on August 11. Get ready to part with your hard-earned cash for a device that might leave you underwhelmed and wondering why you fell for the foldable hype in the first place.

If you were to buy them cash, you’ll pay R27 000 for the Flip5 (512 GB) and R41 500 for the Fold5 (512 GB) on Takealot. Vodacom offers them on contract at prices from R1 000 per month for the Flip5 and from R1 500 per month for the Fold5. Both contracts run for 36 months.

Find more info on Samsung South Africa’s website at samsung.com/za.

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