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Sonos Move 2 Bluetooth speaker – Snap review

Sonos Move 2 speaker

The Sonos Move 2 might look more like a home-theatre subwoofer, but it’s actually the successor to the company’s prized Move speaker, a more portable and grab-and-go option in the American company’s audio line-up. Jeremy Proome took it for a whirl.

Wi-Fi, not Bluetooth

While the Move 2 is essentially a Bluetooth speaker, it’s actually categorised as a ‘wireless’ speaker, meaning that it’s best used on a Wi-Fi connection, rather than simple pairing via Bluetooth. The reason is that the speaker is ideally paired with the Sonos app that has a host of features, giving you some equaliser audio controls, battery-saving features, and the ability to sync with other Sonos devices.

Of course, using the proprietary app won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and connecting to the speaker using normal Bluetooth and playing your music via Spotify (or whatever platform you choose) is pretty straightforward too.

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Fills the room

The speaker’s larger size and form-factor are in its favour when it comes to the Move 2 standing out from other speakers on the market. It delivers a punchy and bass-packed output, one that also features Sonos’ signature clarity. It fills a room with ease, as the Move 2’s dual tweeters provide a surround sound effect to the left and right of your hearing perspective, while the sub offers a solid boom when a song or movie calls for it.

Simple and portable

Operating it is simple too, as you have some basic function controls on the top of the speaker (along with a touch-bar for volume), and the speaker itself also has a curved groove on the back that acts as a handle, making it easy to move around the house.

On the back, there are power, mic, and Bluetooth connection buttons, along with a USB-C line-in port if you want to connect a bigger system (you may require an adaptor to do this depending on your set-up). Do note, there is no AUX input.

It has to be highlighted that the Move 2 comes in at R13 000, so that is a price-tag that may be hard to swallow. However, when it comes to pure audio quality and design finesse, the Move 2 doesn’t have much competition, making it a worthwhile prospect for audiophiles and music-lovers who like to take their beats wherever they go. The Sonos Move 2 scores 5 out of 5.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars
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