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New Vivo Y100 performs without breaking the budget


The Y100, the newest model in the Vivo Y series, promises excellent performance at a reasonable cost.

Vivo’s unique colour-changing design, ultra-slim construction, and high-resolution 50 megapixel (MP) autofocus (AF) camera are just a few of the features that set the Y100 apart from a bunch of phones in its price range.

Design, robustness, and visual appeal

The Vivo Y100 has a bold design and is available in South Africa in two eye-catching colours: Breeze Green and Crystal Black. Under UV or sunshine, the Breeze Green edition of vivo’s Colour Changing Design changes from a light green to a deeper shade.

Vivo claims that the Breeze Texture on the back adds a calming element to the user experience by simulating the soft whisper of grass flowing in the wind. The thin metallic high-gloss frame is also intended to give the phone a high-end appearance and feel.

Tough cookie

The Y100 is also built to last, says vivo; it can easily withstand water sprays and splashes. According to the manufacturer, the Y100 has IPX4 water resistance and IP5X dust resistance, making it a durable option for daily usage. 

The Y100 has also undergone extensive testing, which includes a 9H pencil hardness test and an 8 000-cycle steel wool wear test to ensure outstanding longevity, vivo claims.

Powerful battery with quick charging

With its 80W FlashCharge and 5000 mAh (TYP) battery, the Y100 can reach 80 percent charge in roughly 30 minutes. According to a press release from Vivo, its 4-Year Battery Health feature guarantees long-term durability and dependability within the battery lifespan.

Outstanding audio and visuals

According to vivo, the Y100 is more than just a smartphone; it’s a pocket-sized movie theatre that offers the best possible viewing experience. This is courtesy of its 120 Hz Ultra Vision AMOLED display, which makes every colour, action, and detail pop.

Additionally, it has a huge 6,67-inch display with a peak brightness of 1 800 nits. Furthermore, the two stereo speakers can produce sound up to 300 percent louder, producing crisp, strong sound that produces an engrossing audiovisual experience, vivo states.

Sufficient storage and seamless operation

The Y100 has a huge 256 GB ROM and up to 16 GB RAM, so there’s plenty of room for apps, pictures, and movies. Additionally, by preventing storage challenges and guaranteeing flawless multitasking, this combination enables users to experience a fluid and effective performance, vivo writes in a media release.

Sophisticated features for photography

Vivo says the Y100 is a great option for capturing memorable moments because of its sophisticated portrait features. Owners can take advantage of its unique Portrait Light Effects, Multi-Style Portrait templates, Bokeh Flare Portrait choices, and 50 MP AF camera.

“Continuing the evolution of the vivo Y series, we are proud to introduce our latest offering, Y100. It embodies functionality, performance, and reliability, all in one device. This new model is a testament to our unwavering commitment to technological innovation that meets and exceeds the needs of our consumers,” said Tony Shi, GM at vivo South Africa.

The Vivo Y100 costs R9 999 and is accessible on all of the nation’s major networks.

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