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CM Virgo 15.6” Notebook Backpack – Review

CM laptop backpack

The CM (Computer Mania) Virgo 15.6” laptop backpack promises to be a reliable companion to frequent travellers and laptop-bearing commuters alike. Can it deliver the goods?

There is an infinite variety of laptop backpacks available – from beautiful but loftily priced Jekyll & Hide packs to more affordable examples, like this one from Land

At a retail price of R599.00, the CM Virgo occupies a lower rung on the price ladder, yet its appearance suggests a strong measure of quality, durability and comfort.

Key features

  • 15.6” Laptop compartment
  • USB charging port (requires a power bank)
  • Two front storage compartments
  • Two mesh side pockets
  • Trolley strap for securing it to a suitcase
  • Chest strap for extra support and comfort
  • Reflective logo

Who is it for?

It’s meant for laptop users who aren’t overly fashion conscious and who need a decent quality bag at a reasonable price. 

Setting it up

You wouldn’t think a laptop bag needs any setting up, but this one, like many others, does.

Firstly, it has a full-size external USB port to make charging your phone and other gadgets convenient. But it doesn’t include the required power bank, which isn’t surprising given the bag’s price.

Consequently, you have to hook up your own power bank and place it inside the bag, ready for use.

Secondly, you must adjust the straps of a laptop backpack to sit slightly below your upper back. Take a sideways glance in a tall mirror to ensure the way you wear it does not compromise your posture.

Using it

The main task of a laptop bag is to enable you to carry your laptop comfortably while protecting it at the same time.

Here are two valuable tips in this regard: Do not sling it over just one shoulder as this puts unnecessary strain on your muscles.

Also, fasten it across your chest by using the provided strap. This provides stability and additional support, and makes it harder for a thief to lift it from your shoulders. 

What we like

The standout features of the bag are ventilated fabric where the bag touches your back and shoulders, and the elegant pull (handle) of each zipper, complete with CM logo embedded in a metal core with plastic surround. These pulls feel good between your fingers and give the bag a premium feel.

Another highlight is the attractive cobalt grey fabric, which has a slight sheen.

We also like the two mesh side pockets for holding a water bottle in the one and a can of Pringles or suntan lotion in the other.

The bag also scores points for its generous volume.

Where CM can improve the bag

The shoulder straps could have offered a bit more cushioning, but they are wide enough to effectively distribute the weight of a heavy load.

Shock absorption

Like most laptop backpacks, even the expensive ones, the CM Virgo does not have an impact-absorbing base. Therefore, putting it down carelessly on a hard surface can transmit a shock to the side of the laptop that went in first when you put it away.

We suggest cutting a strip of foam rubber and sticking it to base of the laptop compartment, unless your computer wears a protective cover.

If you’re a perfectionist, it might bother you that the reflective CM logo was printed slightly askew on the front of the left shoulder strap. (There’s a slightly bigger reflective logo on the front of the bag too.)

The quality of the interior fabric and stitching could be improved, but it’s on par for what you’re paying.

Conclusion and score

Unlike the Sealand Slim laptop bag, the CM Virgo is not a fashion bag. Rather, the design favours form over function, making it comfortable to carry and providing ample space for a laptop and other objects. 

The CM Virgo laptop bag is available at Computer Mania for R599. It scores 4 out of 5.

4.0 out of 5.0 stars
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