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Volvo shows teaser pic of electric EX30


Volvo has released a single teaser image of its forthcoming baby SUV, the EX30. It will reveal the car fully on the 7th of June (2023) and orders will open the same day. Volvo did not indicate what customers can expect to pay.

The EX30, the second purpose-built electric Volvo after the EX 90 (picture below), is an important car for Volvo as it is likely to be a volume seller. It is as important for consumers, who find most EVs to be priced well beyond what they can afford.

Slots in below XC40

The EX30 will be smaller than the electric Volvo XC40 and C40, and its modest footprint should be reflected in a more affordable price. In South Africa, the all-electric Volvo XC40 P6 sells for R1 075 000, more than double the median price of all new cars sold and registered locally.

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If prices for the EX30 start in the region of R850 000, it will put the cost-saving benefits of EVs within reach of more drivers. Designed as a fully-electric car from the wheels up, the EX30 promises superior range and efficiency compared to the electric XC40s.

Patent images leaked

A picture that CocheSpias posted on Facebook (above) appears to be a leaked patent photo of the EX30. In terms of size, expect the EX30 to compare with the Ford EcoSport or the slightly smaller Hyundai Venue.

Motor1 reports the EX30 could share its underpinnings with a future sub-compact EV crossover from Polestar. Both cars will be built on Geely’s super versatile “SEA” platform, shown below. The website says the standard EX30 could have rear-wheel drive, while an all-wheel-drive model with two electric motors will be an option.

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