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Leatt Helmet Kit Moto 7.5 with 4.5 goggles – Review

A rider wearing a Leatt 7.5 motorcycle helmet.

To bring the unique safety technology in its helmets to more riders, Leatt has released the more affordable Leatt Helmet Kit Moto 7.5 with 4.5 goggles. Justus Visagie took the kit for a spin.

Almost two decades ago, South African doctor Chris Leatt invented the Leatt brace, also known as “the helmet for your neck”. These days, the Leatt corporation designs and manufactures knee braces, elbow braces, body armour, jackets, gloves, boots, and helmets.

While the 8.5 and 9.5 helmets are made from composite materials and carbon fibre respectively, the 7.5 has an injected polymer shell. The company sells the latter as the Leatt Helmet Kit Moto 7.5 with 4.5 goggles, stating that the goggles are included at no extra cost. (You can buy Leatt goggles separately.)

Key features

  • Injected polymer shell
  • 360° Turbine Technology for brain injury reduction
  • Four densities of impact foam for reduction of forces to head and brain
  • Visor with breakaway function to reduce forces to head and neck in a crash
  • Emergency cheek pad removal
  • Large ventilation channels to keep the rider’s head cool, also at lower speeds
  • The inner liner is washable, breathable and has moisture-wicking, anti-odour fabric
  • Designed to offer great neck brace mobility
  • Hydration side port (with optional hands-free kit)
  • Weighs 1.3kg
  • Recommended retail price: R5 175.00

Who is it for?

The Leatt Helmet Kit Moto 7.5 with 4.5 goggles is for riders who want the protective features of the more expensive Leatt carbon or composite helmets, but at a lower price. Or it’s simply for riders who want a quality helmet from a reputable brand. That the helmet is designed to work well with Leatt’s neck braces, plus its other desirable features, make the 7.5 a worthy option.

Packaging of the Leatt 7.5 helmet

Unboxing and setting up

The Leatt Helmet Kit Moto 7.5 is shipped with a “free” pair of model 4.5 goggles with clear lenses. Consumers can buy lenses separately. Leatt South Africa says a wide range of different tints are available, including IRIZ tinted lenses, enduro ventilated lenses and smoked lenses. See the heading “Using the Leatt Helmet Kit Moto 7.5 with 4.5 goggles” below.

Packaging material is minimal, appearing as ‘green’ as can be.

The peak is already attached, but Leatt includes a tinted peak extender that almost acts like a pair of sunglasses – if you want to use it. It’s easy to attach and snaps securely into place.

Bagged Leatt 7.5 helmet with visor extender


There’s really not much setting up to do. Once you’ve removed the helmet from its box and bag, and removed any plastic that’s attached, you put it on your head and fasten the straps.

The goggles have a soft bag to protect the lenses, and its elastic strap adjusts easily for length. When you have the helmet on your head, fit the goggles in the helmet’s opening, pull the elastic over the helmet, and away you go.

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Using the Leatt Helmet Kit Moto 7.5 with 4.5 goggles

These days many helmets use quick-release chin straps that fasten instantly, using a ratchet system and clip. Leatt uses D-rings instead. They are stronger and cheaper than clips, and accepted or preferred in most (if not all) countries. If you’re used to clips, using the twin D-rings feels like a schlep the first five to ten times. You’ll adapt to it quickly, though.

White Leatt 7.5 helmet in profile

Comfy and safe

The 7.5 is available in sizes XS to XXL. I chose my usual size, which is L, and it felt like a good fit (and still does). It’s not just about me getting the right size, but also that it feels unusually comfortable and light.

At the base of the helmet you’ll find two loops, right and left, labelled “PULL”. If a rider has suffered a serious injury, a paramedic or doctor has to remove the helmet. By pulling on these quick-release loops, that are sewn to the cheek pads, the medic can remove them before removing the helmet. This reduces the risk of injury to the rider when detaching the helmet from him or her.

The blue turbine discs embedded in the Leatt helmet

Life Savers

A unique feature of Leatt helmets is “360° Turbine Technology”. It sounds like something to do with ventilation, but it’s a safety feature. Embedded in each Leatt helmet is 11 small, squishy-yet-firm rings that vaguely resemble the old Life Saver sweet. Instead of a centre with a hole punched into it, like the sweets, each Leatt ring has a centre boss, attached to the outer ring by means of five turbine ‘blades’. These should only ever rotate or be squashed if the wearer crashes.

According to Leatt, the discs dissipate rotational and direct energy, dramatically reducing head and brain injuries. Leatt also explains that the “entire outer shell” has a relatively small volume, resulting in lower acceleration to the head and brain in a crash situation.

White Leatt 4.5 goggles - front

Eye protection

Leatt says the lenses of the goggles are made from a bullet-proof material, and we’ll test it’s impact resistance at a later stage. Leatt offers 15 different lens options, with prices from R299.00 to R499.00. When choosing lenses or looking at the lens wheel on this page, bear in mind that the lower the percentage grade, the less light passes through the lens. Inversely, the higher the percentage, the more light passes through.

I have no current plans to crash-test the helmet while wearing it. These tests sometimes happen spontaneously, though. I have self-tested Leatt neck braces, and I’m convinced they’ve saved my spine at least once.

White Leatt 4.5 goggles - back

What we like about the Leatt Helmet Kit Moto 7.5 with 4.5 goggles

The 7.5 is light, comfy, and provides good ventilation. Because the goggles (issued with clear lenses) and helmet are both made by Leatt, they fit each other well. The goggles’ sponge-rubber gasket fitted my face comfortably.

The efficient emergency releases and Turbine Technology are likely to give reassurance to the rider and maybe also to his or her loved ones.

Where Leatt could improve this product

It’s difficult to think of areas for improvement. They could improve their offering by introducing adventure- and road helmets, but this is unlikely. These goggles’ white strap will show dirt quickly, but this is unlikely to concern off-road and enduro riders. Luckily, there’s a mouth-watering array of alternative colours available.

Leatt 7.5 helmets in wild colours

Conclusion and score

The Leatt Helmet Kit Moto 7.5 with 4.5 goggles is an excellent addition to a rider’s arsenal. An additional perk is that Leatt designed the 7.5 to fit the company’s neck braces. This could be helpful to those who think that wearing a neck brace impedes head movement.

The Leatt Helmet Kit Moto 7.5 with 4.5 goggles scores 5 out of 5.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars
A rider wearing a Leatt 7.5 helmet at Chapman's Peak, Cape Town, South Africa
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