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Lipsano introduces two new lip balms: PURE and CHERRY


South African skincare brand Lipsano has expanded its lip-care range with two offerings – PURE and CHERRY.

Remember when Katy Perry was the cat among the pigeons with the (gasp!) controversial I kissed a girl? In the song, Ms Perry waxes lyrically about kissing a girl and “the taste of her cherry chapstick,” If you didn’t know, “chapstick” is American for what South Africans call “lip ice”.

If that sounds appealing, you might want to know that Lipsano’s lip balm is now available in cherry flavour. And if you prefer your ‘lip ice’ to be unadulterated, you’ll welcome the introduction of Lipsano PURE.

Lipsano’s angle is that its lip balms are free from petroleum jelly. It only contains natural products, like beeswax, which also functions as a preservative. Let’s go into more detail.

Lipsano PURE: Ultra-hydration for sensitive lips

For those with dry, sensitive lips, Lipsano PURE offers a gentle yet powerful solution. Formulated with 80 percent medical grade lanolin, PURE delivers intense hydration, locking in moisture to leave even the driest lips feeling soft and supple, according to Lipsano. 

The lanolin is complemented by nourishing beeswax to prevent dryness and cracking, while shea butter adds a touch of luxury with its rapid absorption and hydrating properties, according to Lipsano.

Lipsano PURE is completely free of fragrances, colours, and artificial preservatives. This makes it ideal for the whole family, offering gentle protection, and prevention of sore, dry, or chapped lips.

Lipsano CHERRY: Same formula, sweet new twist

Lipsano CHERRY takes the same formula as PURE and adds a cherry scent to add fun to lip care. It combines the sweetness of cherry with a powerhouse of natural ingredients. These include lanolin, beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, and vitamin E.

It’s also free of petroleum jelly and packs a SPF 30 sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection, making it a good year-round choice. Additionally, Lipsano CHERRY has earned the CANSA SunSmart seal of recognition, ensuring its sun protection efficacy.

Lipsano says dermatologists recommend its lip balms, adding that they are an excellent remedy, even for problematic lips, including cold sores.


Both Lipsano PURE and Lipsano CHERRY are available from Clicks, Dis-Chem, selected Spar supermarkets, pharmacies and at avidbrands.com. At R104.95 for a 7g tub, these new balms offer exceptional value for their quality ingredients and effectiveness, Lipsano claims.

So, whether you crave intense hydration for sensitive lips or a touch of sweetness, Lipsano could have the perfect solution for you.

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