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LG S95QR Soundbar promises unrivalled entertainment experience


LG’s top-of-the-line soundbar, the new S95QR, is making waves in Mzansi. Boasting a powerful 810W output and 9.1.5 channels of immersive surround sound, is set to transform your living room into cinematic heaven.

Centre up-firing speaker

The S95QR boasts a world-first innovation: a centre up-firing speaker. This unique feature, along with five up-firing channels in total, elevates sound clarity and expands the soundstage for unparalleled realism. Movie lovers will especially appreciate how this translates to crisper dialogue and a more captivating Dolby Atmos and DTS:X experience. Plus, IMAX Enhanced compatibility ensures stunning three-dimensional audio for compatible content.

Enhanced performance and sound distribution

LG has significantly upgraded the S95QR’s core components, resulting in richer audio quality. Larger woofers deliver deeper, more resonant bass, while the redesigned wireless rear speakers boast six channels – four front/side drivers and two up-firing drivers – for a wider sound distribution. This 135-degree sound coverage offers greater flexibility in speaker placement, particularly beneficial for smaller rooms.

Improved connectivity and UX

The soundbar features a more robust wireless connection, eliminating audio drops and lags for uninterrupted enjoyment. Additionally, Meridian Audio’s Horizon technology upmixes two-channel audio to 7.1 channels in Music Mode, creating a more realistic surround sound experience.

Gamers and music enthusiasts will appreciate the inclusion of VRR (variable refresh rate) and ALLM (auto low latency mode), ensuring perfect synchronization between on-screen visuals and audio. Compatibility with high-quality music streaming services further elevates the listening experience.

Seamless integration and smart features

The S95QR offers intuitive voice control through Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and other AI assistants, allowing effortless control over streaming music, volume adjustments, and sound modes. The addition of the LG WOWCAST Wi-Fi audio dongle eliminates the need for unsightly cables, enabling lossless multi-channel audio.

When paired with a compatible LG TV, the S95QR leverages the TV’s AI Sound Pro for a clearer and more lifelike soundscape across all content. Cross-compatibility allows for control of both the TV and soundbar using a single remote.

Sound matches your entertainment room

Imagine a sound system that is uniquely tailored to your preferences. “This LG soundbar uses an intelligent algorithm to analyse the content you’re enjoying and then adjusts the sound settings accordingly,” explains Lance Berger of LG Electronics South Africa.

“Whether you are listening to music on Spotify, watching a movie on Netflix, or streaming a sports match on SuperSport, the system will automatically optimise the sound with no manual intervention,” Berger adds. 

“The innovative AI Room Calibration feature can even assess the characteristics of the room you are in by analysing its acoustics, allowing the LG soundbar to precisely adapt its output to suit your specific living space,” he concludes.

Eco-friendly design

Continuing LG’s commitment to sustainability, the S95QR boasts a lower carbon footprint throughout its lifecycle. The product uses 100 percent paper packaging, recycled plastic resin for the outer case, and a lightweight composite fibre material, all contributing to reduced emissions during shipping and usage.

With its arrival in South Africa, the latest LG S95QR soundbar promises to redefine home entertainment experiences, offering unparalleled sound quality, innovative features, and a focus on both user experience and environmental responsibility.

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