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BMW Motorrad reveals goggles with head-up display


Like a fighter pilot’s visor, these smartglasses project navigation cues and other important information into the rider’s line of sight, making downward glances at the instrument display unnecessary.

The BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Smartglasses have made what was once thought of as science fiction a reality. These cutting-edge motorcycle goggles offer the head-up display technology found in some cars (and combat aircraft). The glasses project all pertinent information, such as navigation, speed, or gear, directly into the rider’s field of vision in real time, with safer motorcycle riding as the result.

The rider would pair the BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Smartglasses with his or her smartphone using Bluetooth and an app. The multicontroller on the handlebars can be used to position the projection and choose the settings both before and during the ride.

Safety, comfort, and a 10-hour battery

BMW says the smartglasses provide a high level of comfort in addition to the unique user interface and increased riding safety. The smartglasses’ and the display’s designs have been modified to accommodate motorcycle riders’ unique needs. Additionally, a variety of helmets and face shapes can be accommodated with the BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Smartglasses. This makes wearing the smartglasses on extended day travels comfortable. Up to 10 hours of operation are possible with the built-in lithium-ion battery.

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Additionally, the frame comes with two pairs of UVA/UVB lenses from BMW Motorrad. One set of lenses, which can be used specifically for helmets with built-in sun visors, is 85% transparent. The other pair of smartglasses have tinted lenses, which transform them into the ideal set of sunglasses.

The highlights of the BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Smartglasses

  • Two sizes (M and L) with various nose cushions.
  • Two sets of lenses (one 85% transparent and one with a tint), an inbuilt light sensor, and a certified UVA/UVB filter.
  • RX adaptor for changing the lenses up to 4.5 diopters to the needed visual sharpness.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for connecting to a smartphone and the BMW Motorrad Connected App.
  • GPS data transfer from the app to the smartglasses in real time.
  • A head-up navigation feature with a personal display.
  • Speed, speed limit, gear, and navigation (full navigation with street names, intersections, and accurate directions) can all be displayed.
  • The lithium-ion battery can run for up to ten hours.
  • Attractive anthracite color.

The recommended retail price is € 690 or an estimated R17 000. That’s not small change, but still cheaper than the new Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset (picture below). Not only does it make the wearer look like a lost scuba diver, but it will set him or her back around R75 000.

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