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Apple Vision Pro: South African pricing emerges


The tech world is in awe of Apple’s Vision Pro AR headset — not only due to its impressive technology, but also its price. This is what you can expect to pay.

The Apple Vision Pro retails for $3 499, which equats to around R66 000. However, some official pricing is starting to emerge from various South African retailers, with Drone World putting the headset at R93 595 (with a 7-day lead time for delivery).

This includes the Apple Vision Pro headset with battery and dual loop band, a cover for the headset, light seal cushion, polishing cloth, and 30W USB-C power cable and adaptor.

Apple’s headset has launched in the US, with many consumers praising the implementation of augmented reality features, but some reviewers having mixed feelings about the Vision Pro.

Many are saying that the device’s light seal doesn’t fit so well, making the headset sit a little awkwardly and causing motion sickness and headaches. On top of this, it’s not light, which can put some additional pressure and strain on the wearer’s neck during a prolonged session.

There are also complaints about the visibility of text, with users claiming that the quality of the text rendering isn’t up to scratch, not to mention it being too small.

Ultimately, the Apple Vision Pro is an innovative device, but it does pack quite the price-tag, so critique is expected.

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