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Chery to launch plug-in hybrid cars in Mzansi

chery tiggo 8 plug-in hybrid

Chery South Africa says it is ready to “strike on all fronts” with a range of new energy vehicles (NEVs) slated for introduction in 2024. This includes plug-in hybrid versions of the Tiggo 7 Pro and 8 Pro, as well as a full EV.

In a media release, the group reaffirms its commitment to introduce hybrid (HEV), plug-in hybrid (PHEV), and battery electric (BEV) cars in South Africa.

Turbo engine

At the heart of Chery’s plug-in hybrid drivetrain is a new dual electric motor system combined with a turbo-petrol engine. The system, which uses a CVT transmission, can run on electricity alone, combine both power units, or use the internal combustion engine only.

Similar to hybrid cars from other manufacturers, the system uses a kinetic energy regeneration system (KERS) to recharge the batteries during normal driving. The owner can also plug the vehicle in to charge the batteries, giving the vehicle a longer electric-only driving range.

Tiggo 7 and 8 plug-in hybrids

In China, Chery has seen significant sales growth in the NEV market with its range of PHEV and BEV models. This includes its new Tiggo 7 Pro and Tiggo 8 Pro Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, which are bound for South Africa later this year.

According to Chery’s website, the Tiggo 8 Pro Plug-in Hybrid can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 7,6 seconds. The maximum combined torque output is 510 Nm and it has a pure electric range of 75 km.

“In our real-world testing, the new PHEV Tiggo models achieved a range of close to 1 000 kilometres,” says Tony Liu of Chery South Africa.

chery tiggo 8 plug-in hybrid

Strong competition from BMW

With Chery not classed as a luxury brand, the prices of its plug-in hybrids will most likely undercut the price of South Africa’s most affordable PHEV, the BMW X1 xDrive30e xLine. This all-wheel drive model, for which BMW claims an electric range of 90 km, is priced at R1 050 000.

The local NEV market segment has remained quite small compared to the traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) market, according to Liu.

“Chery has consistently outperformed the South African market over the past two years, and we believe that we can accelerate our sales performance by entering the NEV market,” says Liu.

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