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Asics Gel Nimbus 26 descends from heaven


There’s no doubt that Asics has a stronghold on the running market, and the gateway to Asics’ superb product line is the Gel-Nimbus series. The Nimbus 26 is a stellar shoe that continues the long-running championship pedigree of the brand (pun intended).

Asics is known to go with what works, rather than trying to be radical with every new iteration of its products. The ‘if it ain’t broke’ approach works, but there have been some small changes to the Gel Nimbus 26.

The Gel Nimbus 26 doesn’t veer far from what made the last entry so popular, with the most significant update being the addition of the new Hybrid Asicsgrip technology. The combination of this tech and Asics’ Ahar Plus, essentially a denser and tougher foam than the standard Ahar, provides abrasion resistance about three times higher than that of conventional rubber. 

This outsole rubber delivers better traction, improved softness, and advanced durability, allowing runners to feel at ease when running on wet and slippery surfaces while also giving the shoes a few more months of useful life. 

The Nimbus 26 features strong side stability and a guided feel thanks to a reworked midfoot, providing a solid ‘rail’ and cradle of sorts that your foot sits and moves in, on top of the softer, more bouncy bed below. As for the bounce itself, it’s primarily due to the company’s lightweight and energetic FF Blast Plus ECOfoam and the PureGel insert in the sole. 

There is also Asics’ iconic 8mm heel drop with the Gel Nimbus 26, giving your Achilles and lower limbs much-needed relief on longer runs.

The Asics Gel Nimbus 26, delivering some small but appreciated refinements and greater fit and durability, is available from retailers nationwide, priced at around R3 600.

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