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Opel unveils new Frontera: A spacious, electrified compact SUV


Opel has officially debuted its latest creation, the Opel Frontera, at an event in Istanbul. With an emphasis on spaciousness, comfort, value, and sustainability, the Frontera marks a milestone in Opel’s 125-year history.

The Opel Frontera, positioned as a compact SUV, promises a blend of versatility and practicality to suit a variety of lifestyles. Boasting five seats as standard, with plans to introduce a seven-seater option in the future, the Frontera aims to accommodate everyone from small families to larger groups seeking adventure together.

At the heart of the Frontera’s appeal lies its robust design, characterised by the distinctive Opel Vizor brand fascia and prominent wheel arches. Inside, passengers are greeted by a modern cockpit featuring two 10-inch (25 cm) widescreens and a range of practical amenities, including an innovative smartphone station.

Opel’s commitment to make road trips enjoyable is evident in the Frontera’s design, with features such as Intelli-Seats (designed to relieve pressure on the tailbone), ample luggage space, and optional roof rails with a specially designed roof tent for outdoor enthusiasts.

Mild hybrid or EV

The Frontera will offer customers the choice between a mild-hybrid version and a fully electric variant. The Frontera Hybrid, priced at around €24 000, boasts a 1,2-litre petrol turbo engine paired with a 48-volt electric motor, delivering lower fuel consumption and emissions compared to conventional models, Opel claims.

Meanwhile, the Frontera Electric, priced at approximately €29 000, offers a range of over 300 kilometres, with a long-range version capable of traveling up to 400 kilometres without charging, says the automaker.


In Germany, models in the Opel Mokka range are slightly more expensive than the indicative prices of the Frontera. This means the Frontera could cost less than the Mokka (R500k to R550k), while offering more interior space. 

Opel says it has streamlined the purchasing process for the Frontera, introducing a digital ordering experience aimed at simplifying the journey from selection to delivery. Customers can expect a seamless “one-scroll experience” on optimised product pages, allowing for easy customisation and online purchasing.

The Frontera is due in South Africa next year, but there is a possibility that the fully electric version will not be included in the model range.

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