Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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This Worx fan keeps running when Eskom doesn’t

How do you cope when heatwaves and power failures strike at the same time? Get a rechargeable electric fan, like this one from Worx. The...

BMW CE 02 ‘eParkourer’ to launch in Mzansi in 2024

With the CE 02, BMW is having another go at the market for electric two-wheelers. It will be cheaper than the electric CE 04...

Eurolux Rechargeable 3W LED Emergency Light – Review

Rechargeable lights have become essential tools for South Africans, who have their lives disrupted daily by power failures. There’s no shortage of options, but...

Energizer Vision 1200 Rechargeable Lantern – Review

Type “rechargeable light south africa” into Google’s search box, and it yields 14 million results. The same search on a well-known retail site returns...
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